Kyoto Wedding Association

Kyoto is an ancient capital overflowing with historical and cultural treasures such as time-honored shrines and temples, and the seasonal beauty of renowned Japanese gardens. Experience the charm of Kyoto more deeply, with a photo wedding that will remain forever imprinted in your memories.

Photo wedding Q&A

Q1.Is it ok if I can't speak Japanese?

There's no problem even if you can't speak Japanese.
Making prior enquiries, putting in an application and further correspondence can be done via e-mail in English.
Additionally, on the day of the photo wedding although the staff will be Japanese, there will be a translator with you for the day so that you can enjoy your photo wedding without worry.

Q2.Do you require us to make any prior preparations?

Nothing is needed on the day of the photo session. The bride’s clothing, including Japanese clothing undergarments, will be prepared beforehand. We only ask that the gentleman come with a U-neck or V-neck shirt.

Q3.Can we obtain the photography data afterwards?

That is a possibility. We can pass it onto you in JPG format.

Q4.Can we try on the clothes beforehand?

On the day there will be a 30 minute garment fitting session.

Q5.When will the photos be available?

The processing time will differ with each company. Please enquire for each particular case.

Q6.Are we able to keep the kimono?

As a general rule we don’t allow this.

Q7.Will the photography session go ahead if it is raining?

As a general rule for light rain we will proceed with Bankasa (traditional oil paper umbrellas). If a bad storm or heavy rain is predicted we will correspond with you beforehand.

Q8.Can we take photos with our parents?

Yes, please look forward to including your parents in the photo session. We are able to prepare Japanese clothing for your parents as well. A morning coat for fathers and a tomesode, a traditional ceremonial kimono, for the mothers.

Q9.Are photo sessions available at any time?

We do recommend weekdays as you can enjoy your photography session at your own pace. However, if requested we can adjust to feasible locations and the candidate’s desired schedule can be considered. We are unable to hold photo sessions between December 27 and January 12.

Q10.Does the photography session have to be for a wedding?

Even though our main focus is wedding photography we also accept applications for wedding anniversaries and as an experience of Japanese culture.
On the company home page we have a testimony from a Hong Kong couple who took part in photo session as part of the Photo Wedding Plan package offered with our company. They talk about such things as the reason they chose the company and their feelings about the actual photography session and after. Please take a look.