Kyoto Wedding Association

Kyoto is an ancient capital overflowing with historical and cultural treasures such as time-honored shrines and temples, and the seasonal beauty of renowned Japanese gardens. Experience the charm of Kyoto more deeply, with a photo wedding that will remain forever imprinted in your memories.

Regarding photo shoots in temples and shrines

Shrines and temples are sacred places, they are religious establishments where people come to worship and practice their faith in accordance with their religion.

Shrines are establishments where people have enshrined gods to worship and as well as a place where festivals for people and gods are held. For followers of Buddhism, both the temples and the grounds which they stand on are representative of the faith. It is a place where Buddhist statues are enshrined and where Buddhist priests live and practice their faith.

The shrines and temple grounds, which will be the location for the photo sessions, are religious establishments location for the photo sessions, are religious establishments which enrich history and understanding. We ask that you keep this in mind when participating in the photo sessions.

We want you to enjoy your photo session, however, we ask that you please remain mindful of the location and of other people. We ask that you abstain from conduct that could be bothersome for others (making loud noises or speaking in loud voices), entering places other than the pre-determined areas without permission and that you do not take photos of places and things of worship (interior of main halls and Buddhist statues).

There are also other general manners to observe when entering temples or shrines. We have introduced the main rules below and we ask for your cooperation in ensuring these are followed.

Important Rules

• Fenced off areas are out of bounds.
• Even if there is no fence surrounding the area, please refrain from stepping on areas where there are moss or plants growing.
• Breaking off branches, leaning against the trees and picking grass or flowers are prohibited.
• Please refrain from standing or holding onto on the mon or tori gates.
• While in the gardens, do not jump around or lie down.
• Do not enter the shrine with food or drink including gum and candy.
• Smoking is prohibited.
• Please throw your rubbish in only designated areas, if there are no rubbish bins in the area please take it with you.

*There are other manners for when you enter a shrine or temple. We will continue to consult with you after your application and we ask that you abide by the rules during your photo session.