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Kyoto is an ancient capital overflowing with historical and cultural treasures such as time-honored shrines and temples, and the seasonal beauty of renowned Japanese gardens. Experience the charm of Kyoto more deeply, with a photo wedding that will remain forever imprinted in your memories.

Voices Kyoto Wedding Costume Photo shoot experience

On December 3rd 2014, a photo shoot was held at Daikakuji temple, one of the most famous temples in Kyoto.

This photo shoot’s applicants were Ocean and Tiffany from Hong Kong, China.

On the day we were blessed with fine weather, and the couple could take memorable photographs featuring the main temple building and a traditional dance stage at the side of the pond at Daikakuji temple.

After taking photos, we asked them what impressions they had of their Wedding Costume Photo shoot in Kyoto.

1. Why did you apply for this photo shoot plan?

Tiffany: Originally we had decided to visit Kyoto, and then we thought that we would like to have a unique experience there. When we looked into Kyoto sightseeing websites, we found the Kyoto Wedding Costume Photo shoot website. Then Ocean suggested applying for a commemorative photo shoot wedding plan while wearing traditional Japanese wedding outfits, based on the fact that I studied abroad in Japan.

Ocean: Actually, I work in construction and I am interested in the traditional building styles of temples and shrines in Kyoto, so it was important for me that this photo-shoot were to take place at a temple or shrine.

Tiffany: Furthermore, usual wedding photo shoots in Hong Kong allow you to take home only about 20 to 30 photos. However for this photo shoot plan we received 100 including the data, allowing us to use the data and photos how we like after returning home.

2. What did you think of the pre-photo shoot liaison and coordination of outfits?

Tiffany: We exchanged emails in advance and had our various questions answered politely, as well as receiving good advice when we conveyed our wishes for the locations of the photo-shoot. When we ultimately chose to wear the Shiromuku, the pure white bridal kimono, we also received detailed explanations of the various types of Shiromuku cloth patterns and the associated meanings. We felt that they conveyed their “omotenashi” (hospitality) right from the beginning.

3. Please let us know your impressions of this Wedding Costume Photo shoot.

Ocean: The photographer took great care of us and we were happy during the photo-shoot, while the driver was also very kind and considerate when dropping us off and picking us up, with everyone extending warm hospitality to us from beginning to end.
Personally, I am especially fond of photography, and really wanted to take photos with the beautiful autumn colors of Kyoto in the background, so I’m particularly happy that we could make this a reality and have our commemorative photo at such a marvelous temple.

Tiffany: While we were have our photos taken in such a traditional setting, it really felt like a wedding. It was a pleasant surprise when passing tourists would congratulate us and it really warmed my heart. I was also grateful and happy for the consideration that all the staff showed us during the photo shoot, for example when I was wearing the Shiromuku, the bride’s clothes fitter helped me to walk gracefully by holding up the hem of the kimono.

The professional photographer guides you how to pose, even to the point of how to position your hands, in order to take the best photographs.

The professional staff leads you, ensuring that you are looking your best with their meticulous attention to detail, for example, noticing if your clothes are not absolutely perfect and fixing them promptly.

Photo by Mr. Masayuki Hashimoto (

4. What is your impression of Kyoto?

Ocean: It was the second time I had visited Japan, but it was my first time to Kyoto. Kyoto is a very nice place and I loved it.

Tiffany: Although I used to live in Tokyo when I was an exchange student, and despite visiting Japan several times, it was my first time to visit Kyoto. After I experienced this photo-shoot plan and sightseeing, I found that Kyoto is a place that holds on to many traditional and valuable things. As I am learning the koto (a Japanese traditional string instrument) I will visit Kyoto next year, but I would like to visit Kyoto again by myself in the future. However, winter in Kyoto was colder than I expected.

5. Do you have any comments for those couples who are considering this plan?

Ocean: I was really impressed and pleased with not just the gorgeous outfits and the lovely photo-shoot locations, but the wholehearted hospitality and care extended to us from every staff member. I would recommend this photo-shoot to anyone.
As it is common to take wedding photos in a wedding dress or your own country’s traditional outfit, this plan is ideal for those who want to have unique wedding photographs different from others’.

Tiffany: I am really happy that we applied for this wedding photo-shoot plan.
If you want to have your photographs taken in Japanese traditional wedding outfits in Kyoto, or if you are interested in this, please contact the person in charge of this plan. They will respond very nicely to your inquiry and to any concerns you may have. Moreover, even if you do not speak Japanese, you will have a translator during the garment fitting and makeup sessions, right through to the actual photo-shoot, so you will not have any problems with communicating. I am sure that you will enjoy this Kyoto Wedding Photo-shoot plan experience.