Kyoto Wedding Association

Kyoto is an ancient capital overflowing with historical and cultural treasures such as time-honored shrines and temples, and the seasonal beauty of renowned Japanese gardens. Experience the charm of Kyoto more deeply, with a photo wedding that will remain forever imprinted in your memories.

Photo Wedding Plan

Following is a basic plan. Custom plans may be arranged upon request.

Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese bridal wear, and look like a true Japanese bride

Basic plan
|198,000(excludes sales tax)

Standard inclusions (Contents common to all companies)
One outfit of Japanese clothing each(Japanese bridal clothes, crested Grooms clothes)
One photographer and one beautician
A clothes fitter for the bride and one for the groom
A CD of 100 photos (JPEG format)
Bride’s undergarments and tabi shoes, groom’s tabi shoes
One translator and a courtesy car
Please note that additional fees may be required depending on the photo shoot location
* Extra fee may be required depending on the venue, such as temples or shrines. Please enquire about the details to each operator.

Western style wedding dress is also available.

Photo shoot with western style wedding costume may be not permitted in temples or shrines.

Optional plans:
Photo albums, Movie shooting, Hair arrangement in Japanese style, etc.
* Please enquire about other options and details to each operator.

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